In case you have questions after reviewing the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Giske Law Center would like to provide you with links where you can get more information about the family law process:

General Information

If you need more information about how the family law process works, you can use these resources to answer your questions:

Look Up Your Court Case

If you have a case pending in the Metro Detroit area, you can use these links to see its status and to order documents from the court:

Enforcing Your Order

The Friend of the Court in your county can help you enforce your Custody, Parenting Time, or Child Support order. At this office you can file “Denial of Parenting Time” forms and get help collecting the child support you are owed through Income Withholding Orders. This is also the office where you need to report any changes of address. Here’s how to reach them:

Tips On Surviving Your Family Law Case

Family law is one of the most emotional kinds of legal proceedings. As you go through your divorce or custody battle, you can check out these tips to weather the emotional storm:

Get Help Ending Domestic Violence

Some of the toughest family law situations involve domestic violence or domestic abuse. If you have been living with abuse, you should know there is help available:

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